For 75 years, Rayburn by AGA has led the field in central heating range cookers and today’s models are the pinnacle of efficiency and flexibility.

A Rayburn cooker will transform your kitchen in to a warm welcoming space and has the capability to power your radiators, supply all the hot water you could need.

With ovens that cook using the principle of radiant heat, they create the most delicious food.

Choose between models that offer cooking only, cooking and hot water or cooking, hot water and central heating.


The Rayburn is a brilliant cooker that produces amazing succulent food from its generous ovens that cook using the principle of indirect radiant heat. This is kind to food and locks in flavour, moisture and goodness.

From high-heat roasting and grilling to brilliant baking, it is the master of all culinary styles. 

You can choose from all-electric NEW Ranger models or cookers in the 400 series collection, which run on oil.

The NEW Rayburn Ranger

The fully-electric Rayburn Ranger provides flexible, energy-efficient cooking and adds beautiful contemporary styling to your home.

This cooker includes three large capacity radiant ovens, for roasting, baking/simmering and warming, which operate independently.

The Rayburn Ranger also benefits from a grill, adjustable temperature cast-iron hotplate and two zone induction hob. 

Available in eight colour options including the fabulous Marmalade.

Rayburn 400 Series 400K Oil

Rayburn 400K/KPF cookers feature an integral automatic timer and offer the added benefit of an optional external programmer. The 400 KPF’s cast-iron lower oven operates at half the temperature of the main oven. If you wish to use a conventional flue, then the 400K is the cooker for you.


Rayburn 300 Series 308K Oil

Offering ultimate flexibility and performance, the AGA Rayburn 308K works well in both traditional and contemporary spaces and deliver exceptional performance. The 308K in oil offers hot water and fabulous cast-iron cooking. A generous hotplate takes up to five saucepans and is complemented by a main cooking oven and large warming oven. 


Rayburn 400 Series

The Rayburn Heatranger 400 Series can heat up to 20 radiators. Compatible with standard kitchen dimensions this model is designed to occupy the standard 1 metre space.

Designed to be turned on and off for maximum controllability. There is an integral programmer fitted to the 400 series oil models and incorporates two cast iron ovens, a large main oven and a spacious lower cooking oven that operates at half the temperature of the main oven.

Rayburn 600 Series

The Heatranger 600 Series has the largest cast-iron hot plate on the market, two large ovens and a boiler which powers up to 20 radiators, as well as delivering copious amounts of domestic hot water. It has two independent burners – one for heating and hot water, the other for cooking.

To encourage fuel efficiency and energy saving, the Heatranger 600 has an Eco mode for the boiler to ensure it runs at its optimum efficiency of over 85%.