Trade In Offer

Trade in your old cast iron cooker when you buy a new AGA and receive up to £1500 OFF

The AGA heat-storage cooker is built to last a lifetime. However, the world and technology have moved on, and over that time, so have the needs of the modern family home. While the iconic design and cast iron construction of the AGA range cooker has lasted generations, the technology inside its cast-iron body has evolved considerably. Whether you want a bigger model, change to a new type of fuel or just a younger, fitter model, you should take advantage of our trade-in offers. And you’ll be glad to know every old AGA we take away is recycled.


A 3-oven AGA is pictured

Long for an additional oven or a different fuel type? Renew gives you the option to trade in your older cooker for a younger model. In short, each option is a way of giving your AGA heat-storage cooker a little tender loving care.

All cookers that are traded in must be made from cast iron and we will even take away the YOUR old cooker to ensure that it will be recycled to become part of a new AGA cooker.