AGA Stoves

NEW AGA Ellesmere Stoves

The latest editions to the AGA Stoves family are dynamic, exciting newcomers. Blending contemporary and traditional design, the new range of Ellesmere stoves offer clean lines and solid performance. Outstanding fl ame pictures and one simple to use control for both the primary and secondary air make them a pleasure to operate. With three different models, you can find the perfect stove for your home. The Ellesmere range are designed to burn either wood or solid fuel and are all DEFRA Smoke Exempt, so fully approved for use in smoke controlled areas. 


AGA Ellesmere EC4 

  • Output 4.6kw
  • Height 525mm
  • Width 380mm
  • Depth 355mm





AGA Ellesmere EC5

  • Output 4.9kw
  • Height 540mm
  • Width 438mm
  • Depth 378mm




AGA Ellesmere EC5 Wide

  • Output 5kw
  • Height 628mm
  • Width 576mm
  • Depth 375mm




AGA Dorrington Wood Stove

  • Output 5kw
  • 80% Efficient
  • Height 1189mm
  • Width 530mm
  • Depth 403mm
  • Weight 152kg